A journey to find peace in a chaotic world.

Originating in Chicago by way of Nashville and now making D.C. their home, The Watch's music takes pages from artists as diverse as Eurythmics and Peter Gabriel to present an epic, powerful sound with a profoundly universal message.

Prepare to be submerged in frequencies and experience a notion of nostalgia as we bring an orchestral dream with soaring guitar melodies and operatic vocals.

We will rock you to the center of your soul..


I discovered one of my new favorite performers last night at The Epicure Café -- The incredibly gifted Lani a'Kea with The Watch - Music -- She digs Groucho too! -- Danny Dean must be a genius on the guitar. He made it sound like anything and everything, seemingly effortlessly.”

— Ron Goad - Vice President of Songwriters Association of Washington

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